Why GMI Energy?

Why GMI Energy?

About the GMI Group

Our in-depth understanding of building design, combined with experience in structural engineering and M&E, places us in a unique position in the energy industry because we know exactly how best to integrate a range of cutting-edge technologies.

As a group GMI has almost 30 years of experience in constructing large-scale industrial premises and prominent buildings for private and public sector organisations. If you live in Yorkshire then you may be familiar with some of our award-winning developments, including the Leeds United East Stand (Europe’s largest cantilever stand at the time of construction), Rotherham United FC stadium and the prestigious offices at The Mint in Leeds.

GMI has long been committed to developing energy efficient buildings and while most of our projects today are awarded BREEAM 'Excellent', we set a precedent in 2008 when our Green Building achieved a BREEAM Excellent score of 87.55%, the highest rating of its time.

About GMI Energy

Our goal is to be a trusted energy provider and long-term partner, delivering the highest quality systems that will lower your bills, cut your carbon footprint and secure your energy supply.

GMI Energy was formed in 2010 when our clients began to take an interest in solar PV but our business has since grown to incorporate a range of energy solutions, which fall under the umbrella service of Energy Management. We have expanded our operations nationally, delivering projects throughout the UK, across a range of sectors.

We have extensive practical experience in installing and maintaining energy solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes. We are not bound to specific technologies or solutions so you can expect to receive honest expert advice about what will and what won’t work for you.

“Saving energy and hence saving money seems like an obvious choice for us, particularly when energy costs are rising at such an alarming rate, but many businesses struggle to gain internal support to kick-start an energy-saving project. We can help with this by offering staff engagement tips and preparing reports to take to the boardroom, backed with evidence from projects we have already successfully implemented.”

John Swallow, Director – Energy Efficiency

Our core values

Health and Safety always comes first

Did you know that it is your responsibility to select a competent contractor who maintains suitable health & safety standards? Health and Safety is central to every project delivered by our team and we have an exceptional track record in ensuring every installation meets the quality, environment and safety standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

Furthermore, we are one of the few contractors in the UK to carry extensive Professional Indemnity and Commercial Risk insurance of £10m or more and our systems are protected by lengthy product warranties.

High quality solutions

We operate a stringent supplier selection process, only supplying products that are produced to top environmental and social standards, from leading manufacturers in the industry.

All of our projects are designed in-house to ensure they perform to the highest level.

Leading by example

Sustainability and the environment are at the heart of our business practices so you can rest assured that your new energy solution will benefit the environment and the wider community.