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Solar update – latest headlines from this ‘unstoppable’ technology

Solar update – technology is an ‘unstoppable’ force, according to the latest headlines. Perhaps the most eye-catching was a report published in the Financial Times called ‘The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable’. The report delves into a range of areas surrounding renewable energy and the global markets, including the rise in electric vehicles...

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Citipark announces discounted parking rates for low emissions vehicles

Citipark further supports green energy solutions through a varied charging rate that favours low emissions vehicles. Image credit: tcs-plc   Leading by example Citipark has long been an advocate of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. In 2011, GMI Energy installed an unusual solar array on the flat roof of the Citipark (formerly Town Centre...

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£246m of energy funding for transition to low carbon economy

Further to energy funding announcements made earlier this year, Business Secretary Greg Clark has now released the Industrial Strategy, which commits over £1 billion of funding over the next four years.   The funding focuses on six key areas covering everything from healthcare and medicine to robotics, artificial intelligence, satellites, space technology and ‘materials of...

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Milestone day for UK energy supply with coal free production

Another milestone for UK energy supply. National Grid report a coal free 24 hours but how does this relate to wider energy trends?   Less than a month after National Grid reported that Transmission system demand for the afternoon dipped below the overnight demand for the first time ever thanks to solar generation, the UK...

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BEIS release energy statistics for 2016 and there are a few surprises

The Department for Business Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) released their annual energy report today with updated energy statistics from Q4 and the whole of 2016. The results are mixed with some good news, as coal production falls by 51% to an all time low and renewables still represent over 45% of electricity generation.   Household...

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National Grid reports new landmark figure for UK solar generation

Saturday 25th March marked a historic day for solar energy in the UK, as National Grid reported that Transmission system demand for the afternoon dipped below the overnight demand for the first time ever thanks to solar generation.   Overnight transmission system demand has historically always been lower than afternoon demand. On Saturday, however, the...

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BEIS cost of renewables now 27% lower for solar than previous estimate

BEIS estimated cost of electricity from solar PV falls lower than the grid, as the UK sees over half of all electricity generation in Q3 coming from renewables   Last week, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) released an electricity generation cost report that presents the levelised costs for various electricity generation...

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