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British Gas electricity prices and pass through charges – what we can do

Splashed across the headlines is the news today that British Gas will increase electricity prices by 12.5% from the 15th September, which consumer experts fear could instigate a new spate of price rises from rival suppliers this coming winter. The gas prices remain unchanged, meaning the average dual fuel bill will rise by 7.3% –...

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Solar Finances Explained

The financial returns of a solar PV system are dependent on many different factors. These may be global changes in the solar industry and energy markets, national changes in government subsidies and RPI and local influences like size, angle, orientation and system design. Then there are product-specific factors like panel yield and degradation. With so...

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Lease financing opens the door to renewables for more businesses

Investment in renewables and solar PV in particular has increased almost exponentially in the last few years. In fact, since 2006 our global installed PV capacity has increased fifteen fold from 7GW to 102GW. This is in part thanks to the introduction of generous government subsidies that have provided a financial incentive to investors, and...

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Is solar power cheaper than the grid?

Has solar PV reached the point where it is now a cheaper source of electricity in the UK than a grid supply, even without the aid of subsidies? This is a goal that environmental campaigners and those in the solar industry have long dreamed of and according to recent studies we may well be there...

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