monitoring solar yield

North vs. South for solar production in the UK

What impact does location in the UK have on the returns of solar. Using advanced software we can make predictions for the amount of electricity we would expect to yield from a solar PV system in any location. These estimates are often conservative, as our analysis of real data shows:

North vs South for Solar Production

Energy jargon

Energy Jargon Buster

With the number of different acronyms, technical terms, policies and organisations associated with the energy industry it is easy to become confused. Our Energy Jargon Buster is a highly useful glossary, complete with links:

Energy Jargon Buster PDF


Are you in the know about ESOS?

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) is the new mandatory carbon reporting legislation that will come into force next year. It will affect a lot of UK businesses including GMI! Find out if your business needs to comply and what you need to do with our useful fact sheet:

Esos PDF


How does biomass generate an income?

Our useful one-pager explains how biomass energy systems generate an income with a worked example.

Biomass PDF


Funding your energy project

The time has come for us to act on our energy. Commercial rates are soaring at an alarming rate and carbon legislation is forcing businesses from all sectors to search for innovative ways to reduce energy consumption. In the long-run the sustainable approach makes financial sense, reducing bills and avoiding future carbon taxes.

Funding Options PDF

Power Purchase Agreements

GMI Energy partner with MacQuarie to offer fully funded solutions

Through a Power Purchase Agreement you can benefit from reduced electricity rates and hedge against these astronomical price rises without having to pay the upfront costs of installing and maintaining a solar PV system.

Power Purchase Agreements PDF


Electricity Demand Reduction Pilot Scheme

The proposed Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) scheme offers a financial incentive for businesses to reduce energy consumption by providing funding toward the initial installation costs that many businesses struggle to find.

Electricity Demand Reduction PDF


Why are biomass energy returns so good?

Biomass energy is not a new technology. The systems have been tried and tested for over 20 years. Commercial energy rates are rising at an astronomical rate and expected to double in the next five years – biomass fuel can be up to 50% cheaper than traditional fuels such as LPG and heating oil.

Biomass PDF

Energy Expert

Energy Novice or Energy Guru


FiTs and ROCs Explained

The two main financial support schemes for renewable energy installations are Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and the Feed in Tariff (FiT). The Feed in Tariff is more suited to smaller scale installations up to 250kWp and ROCs are aimed at larger projects from 250kWp.

FiTs and ROCs explained


Glint and glare from solar PV

'Glint and glare' from a solar PV system is often raised as a concern in certain locations, particularly airports. We take a look at how the reflectivity of solar panels compares against other common materials:

Glint and glare from solar PV PDF


How does solar generate an income?

Another useful infographic explaining where the income streams for solar come from and how much they contribute to your overall earnings.

How does solar generate income? PDF


Energy Price Rises – what is really going on?

What makes up our energy bills? Which factors are influencing price rises and what can we do about it?

Energy Price Rises - what is really going on? PDF