Why are biomass energy returns so good?

Biomass Energy

High quality biomass energy systems that will guarantee savings and revenue, designed and installed by a group with 27 years of experience in the construction industry.

Why Choose Biomass?

Biomass energy is becoming a popular choice for businesses; biomass boiler systems are easy to install and can be connected to an existing heating system. Settings can be automatically adjusted using smart phones and tablet devices.

What are the benefits of biomass?

  • Guaranteed subsidies from the RHI, earn up to 30% ROI
  • Source locally and cut your carbon footprint
  • System payback in 4-6 years or less when switching from oil or LPG
  • Low maintenance with some self-cleaning systems
  • Easy to use self-fed systems top up the fuel
  • A well established technology for over 20 years

Which fuels can I use?

Biomass systems can use a variety of fuels including:

  • Wood - bark, logs, pellets, woodchip and briquettes
  • Energy crops - agricultural crop and animal residues like straw and slurry
  • Food waste and industrial waste like paper pulp

How does biomass earn revenue?

Commercial energy rates are set to double in the next five years. Biomass offers a reliable alternative heat source that is low cost and generates additional revenue from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

What are the fuel costs?

Biomass fuels generally cost around 40% less than heating oil or LPG. Costs vary according to local supply but on average one tonne of pellets costs £200.00 and one tonne of chips costs £110.00. Chips have around 30% moisture content and tend to require more storage room than pellets.