Whitemore Farm

Whitemore Farm invests in solar PV and biomass

GMI Energy install 100kWp of solar PV and a biomass heating system for Stephen Headley's Whitemore Farm in Selby

Whitemore Farm invests in Renewables

Stephen Headley, owner of Whitemore Farm in Selby has really made the most of renewable technologies, supplying the farm with both solar powered electricity and biomass heat.

Back in 2012, GMI Energy installed a 50kWp ground mounted solar PV system at the farm. Following two years of successful electricity generation, with the system producing on average 11% higher than the forecast production, Mr Headley decided to invest in a 50kWp extension to the existing solar PV system, which will provide a further 43,834kWh of electricity on average for the next 25+ years. 

In addition to the solar PV extension, GMI Energy have installed a biomass boiler to provide renewable heat and further revenue for Whitemore Farm. The biomass boiler will burn wood chips and is expected to produce in the region of 183,960kW of heat per year. With the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) paying 8.6p / kWh and fuel costs at roughly half of the previous heating oil costs, it is anticipated that the system will pay back in just 2.8 years, giving a generous ROI of 52%.

Like the Feed in Tariff for solar, the RHI agreement is guaranteed for 20 years, which means that after 2.8 years Whitemore Farm will benefit from a system that is cash positive.



 Whitemore Farm