White Rose Office Park LED Lighting

White Rose Office Park

White Rose Office Park

As part of an exciting new scheme to improve energy efficiency in the White Rose Office Park we provided a brand new LED lighting system for the car park. The 200 × 36W LED lights combined with sensors will cut energy use by 70% resulting in annual CO2 equivalent savings of around 95 tonnes!

The partnership between GMI and the White Rose Office Park dates back some years when GMI Construction originally constructed the 1 million square foot state-of-the-art offices.

The lighting scheme is just part of a major project to reduce energy consumption at the White Rose Office Park and the GMI Energy team also recently fitted a 10kWp solar PV system to the roof of an adjacent office.

The LED system provides vastly improved lighting throughout the car park in addition to the impressive energy savings. The scheme will pay for itself through savings in less than two years and the LED fittings are expected to last for around 6 years, vastly reducing maintenance costs too.

White Rose Office Park Case Study