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Energy Efficiency Management Program for the University of Law

GMI Energy partner with the University of Law to deliver a long-term Energy Efficiency Management Program that will achieve lasting savings

University of Law

Like the vast majority of UK organisations, the University of Law is concerned about the alarming rate at which their energy bills are rising. In search of a solution, the University has appointed GMI Energy to implement a new Energy Efficiency Management Program and develop a plan for achieving ongoing energy savings across their centres nationwide. The project has started with the rollout of recommendations at the University's site in Leeds before being implemented in Moorgate, Birmingham and Bloomsbury, with remaining sites to follow in 2016. It is hoped that Leeds will become an exemplary site for the University of Law, setting a standard for energy management both internally and externally within the education sector.

"Delivering energy savings requires complicated analyses and a thorough understanding of energy efficiency technologies. By utilising the right tools, expertise, training and reduction strategies, we have turned a complex area into an easily manageable process for the University of Law."

"Our core value is to support our customers through these varied stages and ensure the correct level of engagement is applied on a continual basis, most of all making it simple to understand and improve." John Swallow, Director – Energy Efficiency.

The new program has identified impressive immediate savings. Learn how the University of Law are working with GMI to improve their energy management...

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