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144kWp solar PV system installed at Tesco in Blackburn by GMI Energy

GMI Energy team install a large-scale roof-mounted solar PV system at Tesco's new Eco Store in Great Harwood, Blackburn

Tesco Solar PV

GMI Energy installed a 144kWp solar PV system on the roof of a new build Tesco Eco Store in Great Harwood, near Blackburn. The solar PV system contributes to Tesco’s sustainability drive to lower their carbon footprint by 50% before 2020 by reducing their dependence on a traditional fossil-fuelled grid supply. Generating their own energy on-site, Tesco are also less affected by soaring energy prices from suppliers.

Ed Pitt Ford, Tesco Store Environmental Project Manager commented "GMI epitomises going above and beyond for the customer. They installed a 144kWp solar array on time despite the original, client-selected, supplier going into administration during the store build. GMI also installed free test cells and temperature sensors to ensure we learn as much as possible from the installation."

Phil Roberts, GMI Energy's Operations Director commented "our large corporate clients like to have the simplicity and comfort of working with a UK company but want the depth of experience currently only available in the European market. We combine the best of both; the unique relationship we have with our manufacturers allows us to offer technical experience and back-up not available in the UK market."

The design, which was created by GMI's in-house design team, offers attractive features including a non-penetrating roof mount that removes the risk of leaks, a low weight frame that meets structural requirements and an extremely quick installation time that minimises any disruption to the business.

The 600 panel system saves in the region of 64 tonnes of equivalent carbon emissions every year, helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the store, whilst at the same time providing a generous revenue stream from the Feed in Tariff.

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