Staynor Farms


50kWp ground mounted solar PV system installed by GMI Energy

GMI Energy install a 50kWp ground mounted solar PV system at Staynor Farms in Selby

Staynor Farms

The GMI Energy team fitted a 49.9kWp ground mounted solar PV system at Staynor Farms to make the most of Mr Mike Webster’s under-utilised land. The system now creates a generous income for the farm as well as providing over 43,500kWh of free clean electricity every year.

Mr Webster contacted GMI Energy following personal recommendation from James Middlebrook at MacKinder Farm, where we installed a 50kWp ground mounted system.

After discussing Mr Webster's energy requirements and conducting a site survey, it was decided that a 49.92kWp system would be best placed on an existing brownfield area that was not currently being utilised.

The installation took just one week to complete, with minimal disruption to Mr Webster's operations. The electricity from the system is used to power current processes at the farm as well as a new grain store and dryer.

With GMI Energy Facilities Management closely monitoring the performance of the system, it should continue to generate power for the next 25+ years.

Staynor Farms Case Study