Solar PV Yields: North Vs. South

The impact of location on solar PV yields

What impact does location in the UK have on solar PV yields?

Using advanced software we can predict the amount of sunlight different areas of the UK will yield and how this affects solar PV yields. The result is an accurate picture of the amount of electricity (measured in kWh per kWp of installed solar) we would expect to generate at any given location. This estimate is conservative and in most instances our systems exceed expectations.

Location (North) kWh / kWp Location (South) kWh / kWp
Selby 970 Plymouth 1160
Blyth 778 Kent 1060
Leeds 745 Lincoln 1000
York 789 Littlehampton 1013
Middlewich 721 Cambridge 1020

As mentioned the above figures are a conservative estimate. Below is an analysis of how well some of our existing systems are performing around the UK. This is average data taken from 2-3 years after install. Variables such as pitch and orientation will all have an influence on the resultant yield.