Selecting a suitable solar PV installer

8 essential questions you should ask your solar PV instsaller…

1. What experience do you have? This may seem a little obvious but if you are planning a large installation of 10KW or more then it is vital that you choose a solar PV installer with the necessary skills and experience to design and install a high quality system, in addition to minimum accreditations (MCS, REA & REAL registered). Does your chosen solar installer have a background in engineering, construction, roofing and M&E? Do they have a full understanding of compatibility with your roofing products and do they have in-house structural engineering capability? What is their client portfolio like? Have they installed projects for clients with similar requirements to you?

2. What is involved in your design process? The performance and success of solar PV is very dependent on the local environment; location, shading, surrounding buildings, hills etc. For this reason it is important to select a solar PV installer that understands there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Do not be afraid to ask questions about their design and recommendations. Have they examined your site thoroughly, taking into account orientation, building structure (where applicable), shading and planning issues (where applicable)?

3. What products do you supply? Naturally you will want a solar PV system that is both affordable and generates the highest yield possible. Check that your solar installer offers panels that are suited to your local environment and come with an extended warranty. Look for panels that are manufactured to the highest environmental, quality and social standards to ensure the best performance. Take a look at our guide to choosing the right panels for more information about why this is important.

4. When will my installation be completed and is there anything I will be required to do? Ideally you will want to find an installer that can guarantee minimal disruption to your working day during the install process. Can they offer flexibility to ensure your project is completed on time and at a time that is convenient for you? Will they take care of every step of the project from design and planning to installation and aftercare to ensure that everything is in working order?

We take care of every step of your installation including aftercare and performance monitoring

5. Do you offer a maintenance package? Many solar PV installers will advise that your system does not require regular maintenance. Whilst it is true that solar PV is a very low maintenance system it is still important to ensure there is a maintenance package in place to regularly clean, check and repair your PV system. This will increase the system lifetime, protect you from potentially costly repairs and ensure your system continues to generate the best yield possible.

Our O&M package ensures your system will be maintained for the duration of it’s 25 year lifetime

6. Will you be monitoring my system? Continual system monitoring is not only important in terms of measuring yield but is also crucial for detecting potential faults. If a fault is detected how soon will your installer respond? System downtime will result in a loss of revenue so it is important that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

All of our systems are monitored with near real-time data to ensure they are performing as expected

7. How much will my system generate? Solar PV is a sound financial investment and therefore it is important for you to see what sort of revenue and savings you can expect to make. Ask your solar PV installer to show you some example appraisals and check that their estimates seem realistic. If possible ask to see a comparison of an appraisal against actual system data. Are the installer’s predictions on an existing system accurate? Do their existing systems match or outperform expectations?

Our conservative estimates are measured against actual data and most systems are outperforming

8. Can I talk to your existing clients? The best way to gauge an installer’s reputation is by talking to some of their clients directly. Were the clients happy with the overall service they received? Would they recommend this installer? A helpful solar PV installer may even suggest a visit to one of their existing client sites so you can see what a fully operational system looks like and inspect the quality of their work.