Poskitt’s Vegetable Farmers & Growers


Poskitt's solar PV system by GMI Energy

GMI Energy install 50kWp ground mounted solar PV system for Guy Poskitt of Poskitt's Vegetable Farmers and Growers in Goole

Poskitt’s Vegetable Farmers & Growers

Guy Poskitt of Poskitt's Vegetable Farmers & Growers, has been producing carrots for over 40 years in Yorkshire and has built a reputation as a leading supplier to major retailers. In recognition of this, Guy Poskitt was awarded Arable Farmer of the Year in 2012 at the Farmers Weekly Awards. Poskitt is an environmentally conscious farmer that participates in the Countryside Stewardship scheme and is keen to take advantage of energy saving and low carbon energy generation opportunities.

GMI Energy assessed MH Poskitt's property to produce a shortlist of the energy saving and generation technologies that would most benefit the site. After taking into account the site conditions and generous Feed in Tariff available at the point of installation, it was decided that solar PV would be the first technology to be implemented.

The 50kWP system was fixed as a ground mount to ensure the panels are directed toward the sun and therefore generating the greatest yield. The system also makes use of an area of Poskitt's land that was not being utilised, creating a regular income stream and energy savings.

The average annual production from the system is around 42,500 hours, which will result in CO2 equivalent savings of over 22 tonnes per year!

"Great service from GMI, the panels perform well!" - Guy Poskitt, Owner MH Poskitt Ltd

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