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100kWp solar PV system at Pavers Shoes

GMI Energy install a 100kWp solar PV array at Pavers Shoes Head Office in York

GMI Energy install 100kWp solar PV array for Pavers Shoes

Pavers Shoes are keen to display their environmental standpoint to their customers and in a way that makes good business sense too. For this reason Pavers Shoes decided to invest in a Solar PV array for their Head Office in York and chose a high quality system recommended by GMI Energy; the system maximises production and returns for Pavers and lengthy manufacturers warranties guarantee a long-lasting solution.

Like all businesses, Pavers Shoes want to concentrate on their specialities. Leaking roofs are not one of them and that's why they chose GMI Energy with their in-house structural knowledge and insurance for the connection of the supporting framework to the roof structure. The entire project was planned, design and delivered by the GMI Energy team, including the planning applications and grid connection applications with the local DNO (Distribution Network Operator).

The system now provides an impressive 25% of the warehouse's required electricity and a generous return at the same time from the Feed in Tariff, which is guaranteed for 20 years. Following two years of successful production from the system, Pavers Shoes decided to invest in a further 50kWp extension on the existing array to increase their on-site energy generation and reduce dependence on the grid. As electricity prices continue to soar, Pavers Shoes will benefit from increasing self-use savings (savings made by not purchasing from the grid).

Stuart Paver, Pavers Shoes Managing Director said "We have made a major investment for Pavers in our quest to be part of the solution to climate change rather than being part of the problem. GMI's approach was very efficient and their professionalism in assisting with each step of the project was first-class."

Pavers Shoes is one of the UK's leading comfort footwear specialists and an established multi-channel retailer, having over 100 outlets.