Farming Bright Ideas – LEDs in Agriculture


Farming bright ideas – LEDs in agriculture

Why choose LEDs? Wherever you use lighting in your business there is potential to save money on your electricity bills and cut your carbon footprint through low energy lighting.

There are a variety of low energy lights to choose from including T5 energy efficient fluorescent lights and LED lights. Low energy lighting can reduce your energy consumption by up to 80% and fitting the lights is as simple as changing a light bulb!

LEDs in agriculture The use of LED lighting in agriculture is becoming increasingly widespread. LED lighting uses significantly less energy than the traditional fluorescent fittings used throughout the agricultural industry.

Research has found that LED lighting is not only suitable for horticulture and livestock but has even been attributed to increased production! This is thought to be due to the fact that LEDs offer a more ‘natural’ light than incandescent or fluorescent lights.

Dairy - studies by the Oklahoma State University on the use of LEDs in dairy sheds demonstrated that when fluorescent lights were swapped for LEDs, dairy production actually increased by 6%!

LEDs achieve the greatest energy savings where they are used as replacement for energy-intensive fittings like halogen bulbs. However, even the replacement of fluorescent strip lights (commonly found on farms) with LEDs can achieve 70% energy savings and a payback period of less than three years.

Horticulture - LEDs can stimulate plant growth by up to 40%. According to Hort Science, LEDs are the first light source to allow spectral control so that wavelengths can be matched to plant photoreceptors and increase production.

Since LEDs are solid-state they can easily be integrated with digital systems that simulate sunrise and sunset. Although LED technology is not new to the horticultural industry (first experiments began in the 1980s) the quality of products on the market today offer a light quality and energy savings like never before!