GMI Group Energy Roadmap

GMI Group

Leading by example – since 2010 the GMI Group has seen some outstanding results for reduced carbon emissions and cost savings through GMI Energy’s Energy Management System. This has led to recognition through the Planet First initiative ‘Planet Mark’ as well as saving GMI Group a substantial amount on their energy bills.

The GMI Group have come a long way since 2010 but their journey is by no means over. Following the GMI Energy Management Strategy for continual improvement they will strive to achieve 5% savings year on year. GMI Energy will monitor and maintain all installed systems and highlight areas for improvement in order for these targets to be met.

"Without the Planet Mark our business would not have been able to demonstrate its individual commitment to carbon reduction. We have created self-awareness and are reaching out to some clients that once upon a time we could not reach. It really is a differentiation for our Group Company."