Solar Energy


PV investments in 2011 versus 2013

How does an investment in PV today compare financially to 2 years ago?After the Feed in Tariff cuts is it still worth investing in solar PV? Ever since the coalition government announced the cuts in the Feed in Tariff subsidies for renewable electricity generation there has been widespread belief that somehow solar PV investments no...

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Morrisons multi-site solar project

Morrisons multi site solar PV rolloutIn order to help achieve it’s ambitious 2020 carbon reduction targets, Morrisons decided to fit rooftop solar PV to new stores, as well as two of their existing distribution centres in Bridgwater and Sittingbourne. Solar PV is a popular choice for many businesses because it is a flexible and reliable...

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Contracts for Difference

What will Contracts for Difference mean for solar?FiTs, ROCs and now CfDs. What is the difference between these subsidies and who will be eligible to receive the new CfDs?   Until recently there were two main support schemes in place for subsidising renewable energy deployment like solar. These are the Feed in Tariff (FiT) and...

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Solar Trade War

EU Commission investigation & Chinese panel import tariffs explainedThose in the solar industry are very familiar with the proposed ‘anti-dumping’ tariffs on Chinese solar panels but if you aren’t up-to-date on exactly what is going on then here is a quick breakdown from the last few months:   The background Chinese solar panel production has...

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Selecting a suitable solar PV installer

8 essential questions you should ask your solar PV instsaller…1. What experience do you have? This may seem a little obvious but if you are planning a large installation of 10KW or more then it is vital that you choose a solar PV installer with the necessary skills and experience to design and install a...

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Risks and Rewards of Investing in Solar

The Risks and Rewards of Investing in Solar Power- Essential knowledge to take to the boardroomRisks Reliance on the British weather - solar power is weather dependent and spells of bad weather can reduce overall yield. All GMI Energy forecasts are based on meteorological data and our installed systems are monitored in real-time. Data from...

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Solar PV Grid Parity

Is solar power now cheaper than the grid?Has solar PV reached the point where it is now a cheaper source of electricity in the UK than a grid supply, even without the aid of subsidies? This is a goal that environmental campaigners and those in the solar industry have long dreamed of and according to...

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How does solar PV generate revenue?

How does solar PV generate revenue?Many people use solar PV to provide a secure supply of electricity and a regular income. A grid connected solar PV system generates revenue in three ways: Generate - The solar PV system generates electricity (yellow area). You are paid for all electricity generated under the Feed in Tariff (FiT) whether you...

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