Solar Energy


A fresh look at solar

A fresh look at solarAmidst the discussions about solar subsidies, have we lost sight of some of the main benefits of producing your own clean electricity from the sun? How important is sizing when it comes to installing a solar PV system and what are the other ways we can make use of solar power...

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Solar PV and Planning Approval

Solar PV and Planning Approval – what you need to knowThere is often confusion about whether or not planning permission is required for a solar PV installation and if so what the requirements are. In short, roof mounted solar PV rarely requires planning permission unless your proposed installation is greater than 50kWp in size (below...

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Glint and Glare from Solar PV

Does glint and glare from solar panels pose a hazard?‘Glint and glare’ from a solar PV system is often raised as a concern in certain locations, particularly airports. Glint is known as specular reflection and is the result of direct reflection of the sun. Glare is a continuous source of brightness from diffused light; a...

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Solar PV Yields: North Vs. South

What impact does location in the UK have on solar PV yields?Using advanced software we can predict the amount of sunlight different areas of the UK will yield and how this affects solar PV yields. The result is an accurate picture of the amount of electricity (measured in kWh per kWp of installed solar) we would...

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What level of maintenance does a solar PV system require?

What level of maintenance does a solar PV system require?Solar PV is considered a low-maintenance technology; there are no moving parts and in some instances a system may even be considered self-cleaning. However, a system that is not maintained or monitored at all is likely to fall well below its performance estimates.   The importance...

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The importance of monitoring solar PV systems

The importance of monitoring solar PV systemsWhen you invest in a solar PV system you expect a minimum return on your investment. We can predict the revenue that a solar PV system will generate with an increasingly strong degree of accuracy but these target figures will only bet met if the system is performing as it...

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Health and Safety in solar – selecting a safe installer

What are your Health and Safety responsibilities when selecting a solar installer?Every employer and employee has a duty to ensure adequate steps are taken to adhere to Health and Safety standards, to minimise the risk from potential hazards in the workplace and maintain a safe work environment. As a business it is vital that you...

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FiTs and ROCs Explained

FiTs and ROCs ExplainedThe two main financial support schemes for renewable energy installations are Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and Feed in Tariffs (FiTs). Feed in Tariffs are more suited to smaller scale installations up to 250kW and ROCs are aimed at the larger projects from 250kW. ROCs Explained ROCs form part of a trading scheme...

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Solar power – What’s in it for me?

Solar power – What’s in it for me?Why is solar power becoming such a popular alternative energy source? UK electricity prices are set to double in the next five years. With solar panel prices hitting an all-time low, may businesses are looking to secure their own energy supply with this tried and tested technology.  ...

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The true energy cost of solar

Quantifying the carbon footprint of a solar PV systemWhat is the true energy cost of solar when you take into account its complete lifecycle from cradle to grave? The carbon footprint of solar PV is often misunderstood. In the solar industry we are frequently asked things like ‘don’t solar panels have a massive carbon footprint?...

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