Intelligent Lighting


Farming Bright Ideas – LEDs in Agriculture

Farming bright ideas – LEDs in agricultureWhy choose LEDs? Wherever you use lighting in your business there is potential to save money on your electricity bills and cut your carbon footprint through low energy lighting. There are a variety of low energy lights to choose from including T5 energy efficient fluorescent lights and LED lights....

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LED versus Fluorescent

LED versus fluorescent lighting – costs and benefits of LEDsBenefits of LED lighting LEDs are far more durable than incandescent and fluorescent lights; we can expect LEDs to last for typically 50,000 hours, with many lasting up to 80,000 hours, while incandescent or fluorescent lights typically offer a 10,000 hour lifespan. LEDs are suitable for...

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LED Lighting Finances

LED lighting finances – how much does it cost, how much will I save?We know that LED lighting can dramatically cut our carbon footprint but how much does a new lighting system actually cost and what sort of savings can we expect to see? We offer an example breakdown of LED lighting finances to demonstrate....

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