Energy Procurement


Energy Price Rises

Energy price risesWhat is really going on with energy price rises and what can we do about it? Energy bill breakdown Household and commercial energy bills are comprised of various costs; wholesale energy costs, transmission and distribution costs, losses, network charges, government subsidies and initiatives, metering and supplier margins. A proportion of 7-8% is made...

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FiTs and ROCs Explained

FiTs and ROCs ExplainedThe two main financial support schemes for renewable energy installations are Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and Feed in Tariffs (FiTs). Feed in Tariffs are more suited to smaller scale installations up to 250kW and ROCs are aimed at the larger projects from 250kW. ROCs Explained ROCs form part of a trading scheme...

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Contracts for Difference

What will Contracts for Difference mean for solar?FiTs, ROCs and now CfDs. What is the difference between these subsidies and who will be eligible to receive the new CfDs?   Until recently there were two main support schemes in place for subsidising renewable energy deployment like solar. These are the Feed in Tariff (FiT) and...

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