Energy Management


On Grid Off Grid Energy Solutions

What is an off grid / on grid energy solutionA hybrid off grid / on grid solution uses a combination of technologies to optimise your energy supply, minimise costs and save carbon. We predict this type of energy solution will become increasingly commonplace as businesses look to secure a safe supply of clean energy, reduce...

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Making the most of the EDR grant in Energy Management

How to integrate the EDR grant into Energy Management to maximise savingsThe best way to make the most of the new government EDR grant scheme is to integrate it into your wider energy management strategy. This is because The EDR only applies to certain energy efficiency technologies and for a specific time period during the...

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ESOS compliance – am I eligible?

ESOS compliance – am I eligible?Carbon legislation is becoming increasingly stringent; following on from the mandatory CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) for the largest organisations, the government has now implemented ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme). The new legislation has been created in order to meet Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, which relates to...

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EDR provides funding for businesses

Electricity Demand Reduction PilotDECC’s Electricity Demand Reduction pilot opens a new window of opportunity for businesses that want to implement energy saving measures but don't have the capital to invest. Reducing electricity consumption through energy efficiency measures can result in considerable savings for businesses; however, many struggle to find the funding to get started. The new...

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8 steps to ESOS compliance

How can energy monitoring software assist in ESOS compliance?The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is the latest government legislation for mandatory carbon reporting. The scheme will affect more organisations than any previous legislation; if your organisation employs more than 250 staff or if your turnover is greater than €50m then you will need to comply...

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How can energy monitoring software assist in ESOS compliance?

How can energy monitoring software assist in ESOS compliance?ESOS is the latest mandatory energy legislation that has affected the widest range of businesses and organisations throughout the UK, including many SMEs. The purpose of the scheme is to meet EU Directives and to help businesses identify where energy savings can be made. If you are...

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Energy novice or energy guru

Energy novice or energy guruEnergy Novice - I am totally new to energy management If you are reading this then you have probably realised that it is time to take action. Energy prices are set to double in the next five years but if you invest in your energy now then you can still benefit...

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Increasing profit through cutting carbon in farming

Increasing profit through cutting carbon in farmingIn light of a recent EC Decision over livestock emissions we take a look at just how much cutting carbon can increase profits in farming.  Many in the agricultural sector were relieved at the European Commission’s decision not to amend the thresholds for poultry and pigs or to include cattle in the Industrial...

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