Whitemore Farm

Whitemore Farm invests in RenewablesStephen Headley, owner of Whitemore Farm in Selby has really made the most of renewable technologies, supplying the farm with both solar powered electricity and biomass heat. Back in 2012, GMI Energy installed a 50kWp ground mounted solar PV system at the farm. Following two years of successful electricity generation, with...

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Staynor Farms

Staynor FarmsThe GMI Energy team fitted a 49.9kWp ground mounted solar PV system at Staynor Farms to make the most of Mr Mike Webster’s under-utilised land. The system now creates a generous income for the farm as well as providing over 43,500kWh of free clean electricity every year. Mr Webster contacted GMI Energy following personal...

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Challoch Mun Farm Biomass System

Challoch Mun Farm Biomass SystemMr Ean Stuart recently took the plunge to invest in a biomass energy system for Challoch Mun Farm in Stranrear after realising the potential to vastly reduce heating fuel costs from an existing heating oil system, whilst earning a generous income from the Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. GMI Energy...

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Poskitt’s Vegetable Farmers & Growers

1 2 Poskitt’s Vegetable Farmers & GrowersGuy Poskitt of Poskitt's Vegetable Farmers & Growers, has been producing carrots for over 40 years in Yorkshire and has built a reputation as a leading supplier to major retailers. In recognition of this, Guy Poskitt was awarded Arable Farmer of the Year in 2012 at the Farmers Weekly...

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