Why Monitor?


Turning knowledge into power

The most fundamental aspect of Energy Management is monitoring. We use monitoring to reveal hidden costs in your business and prioritise areas for improvement.

Our Energy Management System is controlled via a centralised cloud-based system. The advanced software pulls manual and automated data from a variety of sources before analysing it and presenting in various formats through customised dashboards. This information can then be used to prioritise areas for improvement, track the performance of existing systems and forecast the effects of planned changes.

The application is highly versatile and can be accessed via a range of devices including laptops, smart phones and tablets. With a vast array of information at your fingertips, much of the system is automated enabling the user to easily create instant reports from almost anywhere. These can then be emailed to the relevant parties at the touch of a button.

The below diagram illustrates where data is gathered from and how it can then be used in different areas of energy management within your business.


energy monitoring icons