Intelligent Lighting Systems

Intelligent Lighting

Visible control of your savings

Lighting represents about 19% of all global electricity consumption but only a small percentage of lighting in commercial buildings is controlled by anything other than a simple on/off switch.

Designing an energy-efficient lighting scheme requires more than a simple swap of light fittings; we look at the efficiency of the entire system, analysing local conditions, lighting requirements and occupancy mapping.

A combination of the highest efficiency lighting with advanced monitoring and controls creates an 'intelligent' system, giving you the power to analyse current conditions, create 'what if' scenarios and calculate the optimum settings. Controls can be adjusted at the individual fitting level to make the slightest necessary adjustment.

What are the key benefits of intelligent lighting and control?

  • Unparalleled savings of up to 90% on existing systems have been achieved
  • Integrated occupancy sensors detect motion and switch on or off accordingly to save power
  • Wireless networking reduces infrastructure costs and enables lighting controls to be fitted in buildings where installing wired systems would not have been practical
  • Monitor and make adjustments remotely
  • Daylight harvesting enables local dimming in areas where there is more natural light present to reduce consumption by a 25-50%
  • A range of optics options allows adjustment of the beam angle for different work environments
  • Long lifespan of 80,000 hours or more reduces the cost of replacement and maintenance
  • Adjust the colour temperature for different work environments to improve comfort and focus of employees
  • Fittings that are cool to the touch reduces the risk of fire
  • No hazardous mercury components and no flicker or glare

How efficient are LEDs?

LED efficiency has risen exponentially since the 1960s so that today LEDs have the potential to reduce energy costs by as much as 70%. Combined with controls, some businesses have achieved almost unbelievable savings of over 95% using intelligent LED lighting systems.