Energy Management Systems

A unique strategy for your business

What if you could have every aspect of your energy taken care of, from analysis and installation to ongoing maintenance and legislative compliance? A flexible service that will improve your energy savings whatever stage you are currently at?

Our Energy Management Systems analyses every aspect of your energy and identifies areas for improvement, prioritised by return.

Energy Management Systems – The Process

Our turnkey Energy Management System (EnMS) adopts a plan-do-check-act approach, in line with the ISO 50001 framework for Energy Management, which enables a process of continual improvement. In the majority of cases it will also assist with ESOS compliance.

Our system is fully scalable and therefore suitable for a range of different organisations with single or multiple sites

  1. Survey – we will capture and configure raw information from relevant sources before defining a system scope. We will also conduct a site(s) analysis to ascertain your energy use and requirements.
  2. Monitor – we will fit smart meters and install software to automatically gather and analyse your data.
  3. Validate / procure – we will validate the data and use it to reveal hidden costs in your business. We will also verify your energy bills and use the new data to procure better energy rates.
  4. Reduce – we will make recommendations for reducing energy consumption, starting with the most simple and low-cost measures.
  5. Review – we will report on the savings achieved and make further recommendations for longer-term investments. These may include on-site generation and intelligent lighting and controls.

What will I achieve?

  • Maximum cost savings and revenue
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved staff and stakeholder engagement
  • Recognition and compliance with legislation

Actual savings will vary but as a typical estimate, you could expect to save 10-20% on bills through our consortium procurement and 40-50% through our online metering portal (via identification of large users and usage patterns). Projects such as intelligent lighting solutions can provide a staggering 90%+ saving based on providing occupancy and daylight. Previous experience would suggest that the first batch of reduction strategies combined would have an average payback period of 2.5 years.

Energy Management FAQ’s

Our Energy Management System is suitable for medium to large organisations that are looking to reduce their energy spend. The system is appropriate for most industries and sectors and can be scaled according to your requirements so whether you are based in a single office, operate multiple sites or need to plan a phased installation, we can assist.

Our Energy Management System adopts a plan-do-check-act approach in line with the ISO 50001 framework for Energy Management. It is not to be confused with metering and monitoring systems such as Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Building Management Systems (BMS) or Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T). These systems in fact form part of our Energy Management System and are not particularly effective on their own. Our Energy Management System is far more in-depth than an energy audit and we will guide you through every stage of the project, from initial recommendations, through to installation, monitoring, training and ongoing maintenance of systems.

We have extensive in-house knowledge and experience in the energy sector, which means our clients always have access to honest and expert advice. Furthermore, we are accustomed to working toward the specific requirements of major retailers, farmers and SMEs alike so you can rest assured that your solution has been tailored to your organisation and designed to maximise savings. The aim of our Energy Management System is to reduce your consumption, reduce your costs and reduce your dependence on imported energy.

  • Online metering portal - consolidated view of your energy use, cost and reduction effectiveness
  • Procurement of energy via our consortium
  • Lighting upgrades and control solutions
  • BMS optimisation
  • Water and waste management
  • Energy Kaizen training to deliver added value to your team, provide further savings and awareness
  • Generation options such as solar, biomass, CHP and demand side management techniques