Electric Car Charging

Electric Car Charging


Electric vehicles could make up 16% of the global market share by 2020. One of the challenges in ensuring the successful uptake of electric vehicles is providing sufficient infrastructure for electric car charging. This presents an exciting investment opportunity for a range of businesses and sectors. For example, car park owners may wish to offer a combined park and charge service, roadside services and supermarkets might offer a free charge in a bid to increase sales and others may split the income through a third party investment between a landlord, utilities provider and investor.

A new scheme from the OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) called the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) will pay businesses £300 per socket towards the cost of installing electric car charging points. This scheme is expected to launch on the 21st November 2016 and you can read more details about how to apply here.


Installing an electric car charging system in your business isn't as simple as just selecting and fitting a unit. There are numerous points to consider:

  • The anticipated size of vehicle battery - a Nissan Leaf may only have a 24kW battery whereas a Tesla vehicle could have an 85kW battery. This comes down to understanding your typical clientele.
  • Your grid connection capacity - can the system handle maximum charge from all charging points simultaneously?
  • Whether you need to offer a rapid charge or destination charge - a rapid charge at a service station would require a 125kW charger, whereas a destination charger at a hotel may only be 22kW
  • Battery integrated - a battery can be used to balance the supply and demand to your charging units
  • Links to your existing BEMS (Building Energy Management System)
  • Payment and contracts - how will you administer your new service?

We will assist with all of the above to ensure you have the most efficient and reliable car charging system possible. Our car chargers are universal and can be operated by any vehicle. We also offer online subscriptions for the management of multiple car charging stations. These can all be customised with bespoke branding, adjustable rates and grid network compatibility.

Our electric car chargers offer smart charging; the charging infrastructure is optimised by distributing power so you can avoid overcapacity fees whilst ensuring you maximise output where there is limited power capacity. 


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Electric car charging FAQ’s

Our electric car charging systems measure your energy usage and balance power to save on energy and maintenance costs. When not in use, the stations have a minimal energy footprint. The clever use of variable charging times and rates helps you to generate revenue from all charging sessions and prevent overcapacity.
Our system offers bespoke branding and customised charging cards. Your charging stations will also be published in the ChargeNet App, which allows everyone to locate public charging stations and enables existing charging card holders to track their session in real-time.
All energy use tracking and billing is managed remotely from our online platform. This saves you a lot of time and administration.
Our electric car charging stations are robust and easy to operate. They require little maintenance and are easy to install. They can also be updated remotely.