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Citipark announces discounted parking rates for low emissions vehicles

Citipark further supports green energy solutions through a varied charging rate that favours low emissions vehicles.

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Leading by example

Citipark has long been an advocate of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. In 2011, GMI Energy installed an unusual solar array on the flat roof of the Citipark (formerly Town Centre Car Parks) car park in Clarence Dock, Leeds. The array made the headlines as the largest city centre rooftop array in the UK at the time.

Managing Director Ben Ziff, is delighted with the results of the system, which he said “have exceeded our expectations.”

Citipark solar array

GMI Energy went on to install two solar arrays at the Town Centre Securities’ Urban Exchange in Manchester and two years later, the GMI Energy team fitted the original Clarence Dock car park with an advanced intelligent lighting system. This comprised of LEDs and PIR sensors delivering an impressive 77% cost savings on the previous fluorescent lighting.


Clarence Dock

Supporting low emissions vehicles

Now in a move to support low emission vehicles Citipark has partnered with Tesla to offer customers the use of Tesla Destination Chargers across their car parks. It has also created an emissions-based tariff that supports the same principles as the ‘T-charge’ levy. This new levy will affect older and more polluting vehicles in Central London from October 2017.

The announcement was made last week and details a new parking tariff. The rates will apply to the varying emissions of vehicles parking at its Clipstone Street branch in London’s Congestion Zone.

“Central London parking will become a whole lot more attractive for those driving Hybrid, Electric or Low-Emission vehicles, whereby the tech-savvy operator will be able to assess vehicle emissions upon entry to the car park and charge accordingly. Vehicle emission checks will be performed using advanced software developed by CitiPark’s parking partner, APT Skidata. Those vehicles omitting less than or equal to 75g/km of CO2 will qualify for the new ‘green tariff’, which will be discounted automatically by as much as 20% compared to the regular tariff.”

Ben Ziff, Managing Director of CitiPark, commented: “We believe that the infrastructures supporting the auto-motive industry and governmental green agendas should also be adopting the same forward thinking approach. We are investing a great deal into our London car parks at the moment, not just aesthetically but operationally too”.

Citipark believes that the change times well with the rapid uptake of electric, low emission and hybrid vehicles.

GMI Energy

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