The Great Energy Storage Challenge

Exciting new technologies that could solve worries over our future energy supply Renewable energy has numerous attractions – generate from a free and infinite energy source, reduce your carbon footprint, protect against future energy price hikes and demonstrate a positive and forward-thinking image to others. So how come we aren’t all queuing to jump on...

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ROCs Explained – what you need to know…

ROCs and Renewables Applies to large scale systems of 50KW+ Offers revenue for your on-site renewable energy system Excellent rates for renewables like solar PV Variable prices – Average ROC price in Jan 2013 was £41.48 What are ROCs? If you have been following the latest media updates from the solar industry then you will...

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2013 Gov Proposals – A renewable future for businesses

Government support for renewables in 2013 and beyond means solar power is going to become the norm for businesses throughout the UK. Here is a brief roundup of what we can expect to see: 2013 Feed in Tariff rates Feed in Tariffs will remain the same right through to at least April 2013 and with...

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What are the greatest energy challenges we face in the next 10 years?

“What does the future of our energy supply look like? Can our current approach to energy be sustained? How can we overcome the challenges of securing our energy supply and reducing the effects of climate change? What will be the cost to us all?” These are some of the questions that I am sure all...

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