Biomass CHP


Combined Heat and Power (CHP), reduces energy costs and your carbon footprint via an extremely efficient process that brings together the production of usable heat and power.

Conventional power generation creates huge amounts of heat which is usually wasted. For example, the energy lost through cooling towers is enough to heat every single home in the UK.

  • Gas power stations are 49-52% efficient.
  • Coal-fired stations are 38% efficient.


For any businesses wanting to reduce energy costs and operate more efficiently, CHP is the ideal solution. Here is a quick summary of the benefits but be sure to contact us and visit our downloads section for further information;

  • 15-20% lower cost when compared to electricity sourced from the National Grid and heat from local boilers.
  • 30% reduction in Carbon emissions and significantly reduced heat loss
  • Gain an improved corporate image by operating 'greener'
  • Renewable export tariff for surplus electricity
  • Minimal installation time and easy integration into existing plant room
  • Highest available RHI and ROC revenues
  • Incentivised year round operation with better returns than any other renewable technology
  • One of the most cost-effective ways to comply with the Carbon Reduction Commitment and BREEAM
  • Provides heat, hot water and power via one efficient process whilst removing the need to use fossil fuels

Generated electricity can be used to offset the need to import grid power - and at times when a supply is not required it could be fed back into the grid. Biomass units are perfect compliments to other renewable sources as they provide continuous generation and thus energy is delivered when renewables cannot operate (eg; replacing solar PV at night).


Biomass CHP FAQ’s

Our power performance warranties guarantee an 80% production level for the next 25 years but it is likely that your system will generate a significant amount of electricity beyond this.