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We provide renewable energy systems, energy efficiency solutions, monitoring and procurement to lower your bills and cut your carbon footprint. Whatever the nature of your business, we can help. At a time when there is huge distrust in the mainstream energy providers and confusion over the best way to manage energy, we want to offer an alternative; a single go-to point for independent expert advice and practical services combined.

Our goal is to be a trusted energy provider and long-term partner, delivering the highest quality systems that will lower your bills, cut your carbon footprint and secure your energy supply.

A construction and engineering background spanning 30 years, we know what it takes practically, to install, maintain and improve energy solutions for businesses and buildings of all shapes and sizes. We are not bound to specific technologies or solutions so you can expect to receive honest expert advice about what will and what won't work for you, and how we can deliver both energy savings and revenue returns.

  • Increase your bottom line

    A major retailer recently reported that £1 of savings in energy would have the same impact on profit as an additional £10 of turnover. Energy is the only thing you can cut that has a direct impact on your bottom line without affecting service levels. What will be the impact in your organisation?

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Practical & Sustainable Energy Solutions

  • Energy Management

    Unique Business Strategy, monitored via our advanced cloud-based system. Our Energy Management System (EnMS) adopts a plan-do-check-act approach in line with ISO 50001 framework for Energy Management, which enables a process of continual improvement.

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Already Have A Plan In Place?

That's not a problem, you may be simply searching for an installer. We can help here too. Our pricing includes all services and materials required to complete your project from start to finish. There are no hidden costs. We select high quality components matched with careful design to ensure you benefit from long-term savings and revenue. Our recommendations are based on extensive practical experience and our in-house installation team can design, deliver and monitor your solutions.

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